One of the most asked questions. It’s really simple – in most kitchens the cabinets are modular and can be re-arranged to fit into a different space. As long as you have roughly enough cabinets and enough ceiling height, a kitchen from one home can be retrofitted into numerous different homes!

Green Demolitions sells luxury inventory from three sources: 1) pre-owned kitchens, etc. from mansions, estates, and high-end apartments, 2) showroom displays and floor models, and 3) new-never-used inventory from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Our luxury bargain inventory is sold at our Green Demolitions Super-Store, a 43,000 square foot showroom, in Fairfield, NJ. Please see Store Info HERE, You can shop in person, view a selection of our inventory online, or purchase over the phone!

We sell everything for your renovation project including kitchens, appliances, bath fixtures, lighting, home décor and much more – at up to 90% off list price every day!

Yes! We have very reliable and affordable shipping options. Please call us at (862) 210-8332 for a quote or Click Here.