Top 500 Remodelers from Qualified Remodeler

Almost every week we get asked who we would refer for renovation projects. As always, we direct people to our list of Industry Advocates, the wonderful professionals who have been working with Renovation Angel for last the decade! However, to provide even more direction in this area we are happy to share Qualified Remodeler‘s Top 500 Remodelers! 

About Qualified Remodeler

Qualified Remodeler, first published in March 1975, is the leading media brand serving the remodeling and home improvement industry trades. In print, online and in-person, Qualified Remodeler serves the business information needs of owners and executives with news, new products, business best practices and design ideas.

Published 12 times each year, Qualified Remodeler offers a variety of resources for those in the home improvement industry, but is perhaps best known for its original Annual Top 500 List of the largest remodeling firms in the United States. It is also well known for its industry leading design award program, the Master Design Awards.

The List

The QR Top 500 actively tracks remodelers in five segments: full-service, design/build, home improvement/replacement, kitchen & bath specialist, and insurance restoration.

For 40 years, the QR Top 500 has chronicled the story of a vibrant industry that represents more than $300 billion in annual activity. And if 2018 is any indication, the industry is as healthy and as prosperous as it has been over the last 10 years. To view the full article from Qualified Remodeler visit here.

Find the 2018 Top 500 list here.

Find the 2018 Top 500 Nationals list here.

Find the 2018 Top Performers here.


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