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Jun 14, · 4 years
Going Transparent: Latest Kitchen Trends from Europe
POSTED ON Jun 14, 2016 BY Cristina Fard
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Making its debut at the Venice Architecture Biennale, the Infinity Kitchen by MVRDV, has made the kitchen industry stop and take notice. The Dutch firm MVRDV is dedicated to providing global solutions to contemporary architectural and urban issues.

As a way of improving the cooking process by drawing greater attention to food choice, preparation and waste, the creators at MVRDV hope to revolutionize the way we think about our kitchen spaces.

"If we imagine everything is transparent, clear and clean, doesn't it mean that the only thing that is colorful and visible is our food?" said the firm's co-founder Winy Maas.

"Doesn't it then imply that we are encouraged to love the food, in that way, and that maybe it even becomes more healthy, if not sexy?"


MVRDV hopes that the transparent elements will expose all aspects of the kitchen's function and processes, highlighting people's food choices as well as less attractive aspects like waste storage and disposal.

"The Infinity Kitchen wants to make better cuisine, better food preparation practices and it wants to raise awareness for the one room that we all rely so heavily on, and the processes that go on inside of it," said MVRDV.

"How much food do we have hidden away? How much waste is really being created? Is the kitchen really as clean as we like to think it is? But [the Infinity Kitchen] also wants to do one main thing: celebrate food and cooking."

What do you think about this new kitchen trend?

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