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35″ Electrolux Grand Cuisine Blast Chiller

Our Price: $10770
List Price: $15084

*European wiring, can ship to Europe.
*Cover image shows right hinge side opening door. Actual product is left hinge side opening door.

New 35″ Electrolux Grand Cuisine Blast Chiller from a showroom in New York City. Blast chilling is a key technique in modern professional kitchens and an essential part of the time-efficient cook-and-chill process. The Grand Cuisine Blast Chiller has the power, features, and durability of professional equipment, while its understated design and outstanding build quality allow it to integrate perfectly in any kitchen setting. It is designed to be partnered with the Grand Cuisine Combination Oven.

Click here to view the Grand Cuisine Combination Oven

List Price : $15,084
Our Price: $10,770
Promo Price: $6,999

*European wiring, can ship to Europe. *Cover image shows right hinge side opening door. Actual

ITEM #: A1615-09

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Product description:

*European wiring, can ship to Europe.

  • Brand: Electrolux
  • Series: Grand Cuisine
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Color: Beveled, glass w/ unique Grand Cuisine finish
  • Handle: Solid hand-crafted
  • Control Type: Touchscreen
  • Automatic or Manual modes
  • Three-sensor Probe for precise control of chill and freezing process
  • Cruise adaptive cycle monitors and regulates temperature automatically
  • Full safety cut-out
  • Bottle grid support for rapid chilling of bottles of wine
  • 100 liter capacity
  • Cut-out Dimensions: 860 mm W X 590 mm H (33.86″ W X 23.23″ H)
  • Appliance Dimensions: 896 mm W X 700 mm D X 606 mm H (35.28″ W X 27.56″ D X 23.86″ H)
  • Weight: 100 kg (220.5 lb)

*European wiring, can ship to Europe.


  • Showroom
*Measurements are approximate.

All items or components listed or pictured here may not be available or included at the time of sale.

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