Miele Pre-Owned 30" Black Double Oven w/ Convection

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Model Number: H398BP2

Width: 30"


From a luxury home in Bryn Mawr, PA



  • No visible wear


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  • Self-Cleaning
  • Soft Key Controls - A sleek electronic touch pad provides a text driven menu of options for flexible programming and superior ease of use. This advanced drive-down menu makes using the oven as simple as operating a cash machine.
  • Masterchief - Miele's exclusive operating mode selects the optimal cooking results based on input that you provide. Simply identify the type of food you are cooking and the oven will automatically select the proper operating mode for perfect results every
  • LCD Display
  • Multi-Lingual Programming
  • Customer Programmable - Customizing your oven has never been easier. At the mere touch of a button you can select one of five operating languages, adjust the control panel's lighting or even the timer's sound.
  • Metric/English Conversion
  • Roast Probe - A platinum thermistor that accurately records the internal temperatures of items being cooked.
  • Multi-Tier Operating Modes, including: Surround Bake (Surround Bake utilizes top and bottom heating elements to create an even distribution of heat from both above and below the individual item being cooked. The bottom heating element is concealed discret
  • Favorites - The Favorites mode setting enables you to select and store cooking programs directly into your oven's memory. By naming and storing your recipe you can ensure that your most cherished recipes are only a touch of the finger away.

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  • Appliance - Wall Ovens

    Oven Type: Double Oven

    Width: 30"

    Width: 29.8125"

    Height: 51.5"

    Depth: 24.5"

    Brand: Miele

    Color: Black

    Fuel Type: Electric

    Oven Convection: Yes

    Outdoor Rated: No

    Model Number: H398BP2

    Serial Number: 10/59100288

    Product Source: Pre-Owned

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