What does Certified Pre-Owned mean?

Certified Pre-Owned kitchen is Renovation Angel’s seal of approval for brand, quality, and condition. As the nation’s industry leader of kitchen recycling, we offer consumers from coast to coast the opportunity of purchasing a pre-owned kitchen. Our kitchens are evaluated in person by our experienced team of inspectors to catalog the brands, details, conditions, and measurements. We check the appliances on the day of the inspection to see that they power on. No further testing is conducted.

If a kitchen does not meet our high-quality standards, we do not sell it!

Our Certified Pre-Owned kitchens are rated as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Platinum. (Include link to the ratings light box)

What is a Purchase Before Removal Kitchen (PBR)?

A PBR kitchen is a kitchen that can be purchased directly from its original location – you are purchasing it before it is removed.  Our kitchens sell very quickly, so our customers love the opportunity to be able to purchase their kitchen before it arrives at our store.  Renovation Angel has done a full on-site inspection of each kitchen and provides detailed information to our customers. 

What does Price Coming Soon mean?

Price Coming Soon means that Renovation Angel is acquiring a kitchen that we haven’t yet inspected.  We price our kitchens according to their condition.  Once we do a detailed inventory and inspection, we will be able to price the kitchen.  If you are interested in a Price Coming Soon kitchen, please call one of our sales associates, who will contact you as soon as the kitchen is priced. 

How do I find a kitchen that fits my space?

You will need to start with your ceiling height, which must be measured down to the exact inch. Certain kitchens may be too tall for your ceiling height. Next, you should have a layout of your new kitchen space, showing exact measurements of walls, location/sizes of windows and doors. What shape will your kitchen be (L-shape, galley, U-shape, etc. Will there be an island? If so, what size – length and width.) Once you have this information, you can narrow your search down on our website by clicking the “shop/kitchens” dropdown menu on the left and selecting the kitchen by height. From there, you can browse the various styles and pricing that we have in stock. It’s always best to buy a kitchen that is slightly larger than your own, just so you have a few extra cabinets to work with.

Do I have to buy the entire kitchen, or can I buy pieces of it?

The kitchens are sold as entire sets, and we do not break them apart.

Can I pick up the kitchen myself?

If the kitchen is located in our Fairfield, NJ showroom then yes, you can come to our store and pick your kitchen up. Sometimes our kitchens will be shipped directly from their original locations, and therefore you will not be able to pick up the kitchen.

How is it possible to fit someone else’s kitchen in my space?

Although it may seem a bit overwhelming at first, it’s actually easier than it seems. Kitchens are all modular – meaning that all of the cabinets and appliances are separate pieces, kind of like a puzzle. You can reconfigure them to fit into your space. Sometimes this may require some modification and/or cutting or reconfiguring the countertop – or replacing the countertop all together. Also, the islands are simply various base cabinets that you can nail down to the floor and configure to the size and shape that you require. All of our kitchen listings will include a layout, which will show you the exact dimensions of the cabinets and appliances. Your contractor and/or kitchen designer will be able to help you determine whether the kitchen will work in your space.

Buying used appliances

All of our appliances come to us in working condition, but we are not able to test the appliances once in our showroom and therefore we are not able to guarantee them. Our philosophy is that if you have to spend a few hundred dollars to get an appliance fixed, you are still way ahead of the game, financially speaking. Please see our return policy for returning items after purchase.


We do not place a dollar value on any of our countertops. We consider them complimentary due to their fragile nature and they may crack, break, or chip. Most of the time, our customers need to cut/reconfigure the countertops, so this is not an issue.
Also, broken countertops can usually be reinstalled by a professional, without any noticeable damage..

What modifications need to be made when I install my kitchen?

Modifications may include paint touch-ups, adding or modifying trim, panels, cabinets; replacing hinges or drawer glides, adding or changing hardware; providing fillers, adding legs/bases to base cabinets, cleaning the kitchen cabinets and appliances, cutting/reconfiguring countertops; adding new countertops

What’s great about buying a pre-owned kitchen

Buying a pre-owned kitchen offers many advantages to the consumer, the donor, and the environment. The consumer is able to save up to 90% off of retail pricing and get a high quality kitchen. The donor benefits from free kitchen removal and a tax write-off. The environment is saved from tons of potential landfill waste.

Can I see the kitchen before I purchase it?

If the kitchen is in our showroom, you are welcome to come and see it during our business hours. You don’t need an appointment to come in; however, we recommend calling to make sure that the kitchen hasn’t sold prior to coming in. If the kitchen is a “Purchase Before Removal,” and is located in a showroom, please call us and we can help make arrangements for you to see it in the showroom. If the kitchen is located in a private home, you will not be able to view it in person prior to purchase. Our crew will perform an inspection of the kitchen and provide a detailed report, along with photos.

What is MDF and HDF?

When kitchen cabinetry is ordered in a painted finish, it is generally the preference, with today’s technology, to use the highest quality engineered material for doors and drawers, to achieve a product that does not warp, shrink, expand, contract, etc. in different temperatures and humidity levels. MDF and HDF provide that type of material that accepts paint beautifully with no chance of seams opening and closing due to differences in temperature, like wood does. Wood stained cabinets will have a tolerance for shrinkage, contraction and expansion because of the nature of the wood product. Please understand that wood, MDF and HDF are all comparable products that are used in the highest quality cabinetry anywhere. Some cabinetry doors have wood frames, and an MDF or HDF center panel, and some doors are solid engineered doors – both are high quality – many custom cabinetmakers shy away from wood because a painted finish, in time, can split at the seams. This material is not to be confused with particle board – which is cheaply made and not at all in the same league as MDF or HDF.

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