Electrolux 16" Grand Cuisine Precision Vacuum Sealer

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New 16" precision vacuum sealer from the Grand Cuisine professional cooking system by Electrolux from a showroom in New York City. The Vacuum Sealer brings professional standards of food preparation, preservation, and cooking to the home. It can be used to preserve dry goods such as rice or pulses, but its main function is as part of the cook-and-chill process, allowing food to be prepared ahead of time and kept in perfect condition until needed. Sous-vide cooking, where the food is cooked for a long period at low temperatures under vacuum, offers a new dimension in taste and texture.

  • Control Type: Touchscreen
  • Hand-built stainless steel frame
  • Protective hand-built stainless steel chamber
  • Vacuum level programmable between 35% and 100%
  • Professional vacuum capability of 10mbar
  • Adjusts for different sealing times and bag thickness
  • Easy-clean surface with no hard-to-access corners
  • Safety cut-out
  • Child safety lock

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  • Appliance - Microwaves

    Microwave Type: Built In

    Width: 16"

    Height: 21.8"

    Depth: 12"

    Brand: Electrolux

    Color: Beveled, 4mm thick glass w/ unique Grand Cuisine finish

    Oven Convection: No

    Model Number: GVSSD

    Serial Number: 0187

    Special Notes/Inspector Summary: European wiring, can ship to Europe

    Product Source: Showroom

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