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FOCUS Provides Safety and Support During COVID-19

FOCUS North America Charity Crisis Response to COVID-19

Since our inception Renovation Angel has maintained a dedication to building strong relationships with our charity partners. We’ve supported many worthwhile charities over the years, but one charity in particular, FOCUS North America, stands out as a true inspiration for civic service in this uncertain time.  We wanted to share what FOCUS is doing in […]

Giving Back with FOCUS this Holiday Season

Every year our charitable partner FOCUS North America serves the underserved with remarkable programs nationwide. They bring faith-based congregations and community partners together in hands-on opportunities to help transform lives through the power of unconditional love and service. Their programs help the hungry, thirsty, estranged, naked, sick and imprisoned by “providing Food, Occupation, Clothing, Understanding, and […]

This Year’s Renovation Can Pay For Next Year’s Summer Vacation

‘Tis the season for lazy afternoons on the sand and out of office messages on email. Wishing you had planned a little more down time this summer especially with your big renovation ahead? Here’s the best news you’ve heard all day: Your kitchen remodel can pay for next summer’s vacation. Really. Just be smart about […]

Remodeling? Make Sure You Do These 3 Things to Save Money

Looking to save money on your upcoming kitchen remodel, but don’t want it to look like you saved a bunch of money? Consider these three luxury-for-less renovation tips. Time it Right Clearly it would be easier to schedule major kitchen construction during the summer months when vacations and great weather have you less tied to […]

Paid Too Much In Taxes Last Year? Make Sure Your Kitchen Remodel Is Working For You

Were taxes a little more painful this year than last year? Since new laws cap the amount of deductible property (and income) tax at $10,000, those of us living in states with high property taxes inevitably felt the pinch. Looking for ways to get more relief in 2019? Make sure you’re doing your kitchen remodel […]

FOCUS Summer Feeding Program

This week we wanted to spotlight a cause that our charity partner, FOCUS North America, is actively fighting for: food security. Did you know that over 49 million people in the United States struggle with hunger because they do not have regular access to nutritious and affordable food?  15 million of these people are children, […]

Serving Families in Need This Christmas

As we mentioned before, this holiday season Renovation Angel was overjoyed to provide FOCUS North America with a $30,000 grant in support of their Holiday Meal Program. Below you’ll find pictures from the event. We are so grateful for the work the FOCUS team and volunteers do every year for people transitioning out of homelessness […]

Renovation Angel Gives $30,000 for NYC Holiday Feeding Program

For the last few years Renovation Angel has supported the amazing charitable efforts of FOCUS North America. This holiday season we are proud to continue that tradition with a $30,000 grant in support of their Holiday Meal Program. A Christmas Gift Seraphim Danckaert, the new Executive Director at FOCUS said, “Renovation Angel’s support will help […]

Charity Update from FOCUS Pittsburgh

Our featured charitable partner FOCUS North America is dedicated to supporting the working poor and underserved communities across the nation. Last year we showcased FOCUS Pittsburgh and their pilot program called the “Trauma-Informed Community Development Project” in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. This week, we update you with an article written by Diana Nelson Jones for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette… […]

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