Blomberg 24" Electric Dryer

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Blomberg 24" Electric Dryer from a luxury showroom



OptiSense™ Technology

  • Provides maximum control over everything from water consumption and energy efficiency to detergent amount and even the time it takes to do the wash. Four smart sensors-Water Temperature, Foam, Wash & Spin, and Power Protection-automatically trigger optima

AntiCrease+ Option

  • The gentle drum action of a Blomberg dryer separates and smooths out individual garments as they dry, so when the cycle finishes clothes come out wrinkle-free and ready to wear. The drum keeps rotating periodically for up to two hours and keeps your cloth

Quick Dry

  • For the small loads of qualified fabrics with short drying times such as synthetic clothing.

Sanitize Cycle

  • Use for clothes (baby clothes, towels, underwear, etc. cotton) that require hygiene. Hygiene is provided with high temperature. It is especially suitable for durable fabrics. "Super" drying level is recommended to kill high incidence of bacteria.

Wool Cycle

  • Use for wool items and garments made of wool blend such as sweaters, scarves,head scarves. It prepares wool garments for drying with low air temperature.

Child Lock

  • Prevents unwanted use of the appliance.


  • 3.7 cu. ft.

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  • Appliance - Laundry

    Laundry Type: Dryer

    Width: 23.4375"

    Height: 33.25"

    Depth: 22.9375"

    Brand: Blomberg

    Color: White

    Laundry Style: Front Load

    Fuel Type: Electric

    Fuel Type - Liquid Propane: No

    Laundry Pedestal Option: No

    Model Number: DV17600W

    Serial Number: 21-202599-02

    Product Source: Showroom

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