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Feb 21, · 1 year
Zero Waste Kitchens KBIS Panel
POSTED ON Feb 21, 2020 BY Cristina Fard
Ever wonder how to build an eco-friendly kitchen? At KBIS 2020 our Renovation Angel President and Co-Founder Steve Feldman joined a distinguished panel to discuss this very subject. The panel, led by Sara Gutterman, the Co-Founder and CEO of Green Builder Media, explored how to effectively think about recycling and upcycling building products. 

LKRA Winners Share Their Secrets 

Winners of the NKBA Renovation Angel Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards (LKRA) were invited to discuss how they work with clients to remove existing kitchens – addressing shipping, storage and recycling/reconstructing them into new homes.

Panelist Included: 

  • Steve Feldman, CEO & Co Founder of Renovation Angel 

  • Sarah Robertson, Lead Designer of Studio Dearborn 

  • Peter Deane, Owner of DEANE Inc. 

  • Denise Caron-Quinn, Founder of In Order to Succeed 

  • Lori Gascoyne, Owner of Lori Gascoyne Interior Design 

Peter Deane Renovation Angel Lori Gascoyne Renovation Angel Denise Caron Quinn Renovation Angel

Why toss perfectly good appliances, cabinetry, countertops, faucets and lighting fixtures, right? Keeping stuff out of landfills is one of the core goals of responsible building according to the US Green Building Council. The NKBA and KBIS are celebrating the brands and designers who partner to keep lightly used kitchens above ground. We salute you! #RenovateResponsibly 

View the full panel discussion below, and join our Luxury Bargain Hunter Club to get more information about the Renovation Angel luxury recycling process.


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