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Jul 15, · 2 years
This Year's Renovation Can Pay For Next Year's Summer Vacation
POSTED ON Jul 15, 2019 BY Admin GD
‘Tis the season for lazy afternoons on the sand and out of office messages on email. Wishing you had planned a little more down time this summer especially with your big renovation ahead? Here’s the best news you’ve heard all day: Your kitchen remodel can pay for next summer’s vacation. Really. Just be smart about how you spend. Here’s how. Recycle Your Existing Kitchen Before you bring in those gorgeous new cabinets, see what kind of money your existing kitchen can net you. Nonprofits like Renovation [...]
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Jun 27, · 2 years
Remodeling? Make Sure You Do These 3 Things to Save Money
POSTED ON Jun 27, 2019 BY Admin GD
Looking to save money on your upcoming kitchen remodel, but don’t want it to look like you saved a bunch of money? Consider these three luxury-for-less renovation tips. Time it Right Clearly it would be easier to schedule major kitchen construction during the summer months when vacations and great weather have you less tied to your indoor stove. But the summer (and fall) are the same time that everyone else wants your contractor, too. Likewise, it’s also when a contractor’s suppliers and labor are most scarce. Instead [...]
Lisa Feldman
May 17, · 2 years
Paid Too Much In Taxes Last Year? Make Sure Your Kitchen Remodel Is Working For You
POSTED ON May 17, 2019 BY Lisa Feldman
Were taxes a little more painful this year than last year? Since new laws cap the amount of deductible property (and income) tax at $10,000, those of us living in states with high property taxes inevitably felt the pinch. Looking for ways to get more relief in 2019? Make sure you’re doing your kitchen remodel right.   Add Energy Efficiency Although most of the Energy Star appliance credits available in past years have expired, some energy improvements like solar panels and solar water heaters can still save you money at tax [...]
Lisa Feldman
Apr 23, · 2 years
Earth Day Resolution: 3 Ways you can be a more responsible renovator
POSTED ON Apr 23, 2019 BY Lisa Feldman
Sustainable design has a place in every renovation project. Especially when you consider that a series of small decisions can add up and have a big environmental impact. This year, make an Earth Day resolution to build your next project a little greener. Here are three easy ways to get it done. Recycle the Kitchen If you do one thing differently, donate your existing luxury kitchen before building a new one. Nonprofits like Renovation Angel will assess your out-going kitchen for free and then send a white-glove team of experts [...]
Lisa Feldman
Apr 12, · 2 years
Do you have to throw out your old kitchen when you remodel? Top Designers say, "No".
POSTED ON Apr 12, 2019 BY Lisa Feldman
Your kitchen renovation plans are set and that gorgeous-ness can't happen soon enough. But before the new can come in, the old has to go out. What do you do with your old kitchen? You’ve already offered it to everyone you know and had no takers. Do you really have to demolish your perfectly functional kitchen before the renovation can begin? Not at all. Sarah Robertson, Owner and Lead Designer of Studio Dearborn in Westchester, NY loves to tell her clients about the many recycling options available to them [...]
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Mar 28, · 2 years
3 Sustainability Trends from the 2019 Arch Digest Show
POSTED ON Mar 28, 2019 BY Admin GD
The future of sustainable design was crystal clear at this year’s 2019 Arch Digest show, which wrapped in New York City on Sunday. As four-hundred luxury brands gathered under one roof to represent a truly stop-in-your-tracks vision of function and gorgeousness – an encouraging number of these companies brought a lens trained on sustainability, with eco-conscious products and practices a big focus. Here are a few of the earth-friendly trends we loved.   Remodels That Give Back Long before the first renovation contractor steps through the door, there’s room for [...]
Cristina Fard
Feb 26, · 5 years
5 Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen
POSTED ON Feb 26, 2016 BY Cristina Fard
The reasons to change your kitchen are endless. Perhaps you’re trying to increase the resale value of your home, or maybe you’re ready to change your dated kitchen for one that better suits your family’s lifestyle. “If you make one upgrade on your house this year, let it be your kitchen,” says Sarah Latta of Cultivate. “After all, it’s the most important – not to the mention most popular – room in the home, and it offers the biggest bang for your remodel buck.” There are many reasons [...]
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