Admin GD
Jul 15, · 2 years
This Year's Renovation Can Pay For Next Year's Summer Vacation
POSTED ON Jul 15, 2019 BY Admin GD
‘Tis the season for lazy afternoons on the sand and out of office messages on email. Wishing you had planned a little more down time this summer especially with your big renovation ahead? Here’s the best news you’ve heard all day: Your kitchen remodel can pay for next summer’s vacation. Really. Just be smart about how you spend. Here’s how. Recycle Your Existing Kitchen Before you bring in those gorgeous new cabinets, see what kind of money your existing kitchen can net you. Nonprofits like Renovation [...]
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Jun 27, · 2 years
Remodeling? Make Sure You Do These 3 Things to Save Money
POSTED ON Jun 27, 2019 BY Admin GD
Looking to save money on your upcoming kitchen remodel, but don’t want it to look like you saved a bunch of money? Consider these three luxury-for-less renovation tips. Time it Right Clearly it would be easier to schedule major kitchen construction during the summer months when vacations and great weather have you less tied to your indoor stove. But the summer (and fall) are the same time that everyone else wants your contractor, too. Likewise, it’s also when a contractor’s suppliers and labor are most scarce. Instead [...]
Cristina Fard
Dec 02, · 6 years
Industry Spotlight: Courtney Lawrence Ziething
POSTED ON Dec 02, 2015 BY Cristina Fard
Another Sub-Zero and Wolf KDC Regional Winner,Courteny Lawrence Ziething is a nationally recognized interior designer based out of Newport Beach, California. Her "Canyon Creek" kitchen won the KDC Regional Award in the "Transitional" category. The charming story, direct from the Sub-Zero and Wolf Inspiration blog, is featured below.     The Canyon Creek Story "Perched high in the hills of Shady Canyon in Irvine, CA sits a magnificent home to a young family of four. It represents a peaceful combination of organic materials, environment and architecture. Interior components, including [...]
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