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Jun 15, · 4 months
“Sweet Sixteen” Anniversary - The Journey of Our Entrepreneurial Charity
POSTED ON Jun 15, 2021 BY Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO
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“Sweet Sixteen” Anniversary

The Journey of Our Entrepreneurial Charity

Posted by Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO


Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating Renovation Angel’s “Sweet Sixteen” Anniversary with Ken Eyler and Mina Greiss. It was 16 years ago when I called Ken at Sterling Foundation Management with a special request . . . “I have a contribution check for $10,000, will you start our charity?” And he did, and the rest is history.  Mina, a real estate investor and our largest volume kitchen customer, has repurposed over 50 kitchens from Renovation Angel. Ken and Mina represent the “Circular Economy” of Luxury Kitchen Recycling: Reduce . . . Recycle .  . . Repurpose.


We celebrate both the challenges and the corresponding solutions that fueled us along our journey. The quote from Robert F. Kennedy is quite relevant for us – “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” Here are just a few of our “bumps along the road.”


Banking Crisis – Expanding beyond the Greenwich, CT market into the Tri-State area and nationally.

Social Security Scare / Hurricane Irene – Consolidating three stores in three states into one “Super-Store” with 43,000 square feet of showroom and warehouse space in Fairfield, NJ.

Two-Year Downtrend on Kitchen Donations – Creating a business development department and industry partner program.

COVID-19 – Inconsistent supply & demand for kitchen and interior donations has inspired our Vision 2021 –

1.  Increasing luxury kitchen recycling donations through the Miele “Recycle & Rebate” program and industry partners

2.  Acquiring huge quantities of open box, display, and discontinued luxury appliances

3.  Establishing specialty resellers for our estate furniture, lighting, artwork, and home décor donations.


Stay tuned in 2021 . . . we have BIG plans and a broader VISION for realizing our goals and dreams.


There are so many people to thank . . . it would be a very long BLOG to list everyone. So, I will simply express my gratitude “generically” to all those who have supported us . . .


Our Donors, Buyers, Family Offices, Wealth Advisors, Manufacturers, Distributors, Kitchen Showrooms, Appliance Dealers, Luxury Retailers, Design/Build Pros, Real Estate Agents, Private Service Professionals, and Trade Associations.


16 years later, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel . . . a glimpse at the prospect of recycling the 100,000 luxury kitchens that are thrown out annually. To conclude, let’s take a short photo trip down memory lane  . . .  

2008 - Steve and our first “Green Demolitions” fleet

2012 - Edie Falco visits Renovation Angel’s showroom

2019 – Recognizing our “Responsible Renovators” at the Architectural Digest Design Show

2021 – Steve Feldman & Renovation Angel is invited to speak on numerous Sustainability Panels


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