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Nov 23, · 4 years
Renovation Angel Gives $20,000 Donation to FOCUS North America
POSTED ON Nov 23, 2015 BY Cristina Fard
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On Thursday November 19th, 2015, Renovation Angel kickstarted their 2016 charitable mission by donating $20,000 to FOCUS North America. President & Co-Founder, Steve Feldman, traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to make the donation at the FOCUS Pittsburgh "Light on the Hill" celebration.

"Being here is a great honor," said Feldman. "We at Renovation Angel are so impressed with the great work that FOCUS is doing to provide support for those in need and wanted our involvement to start as soon as possible," he continued.

FOCUS North America is the featured charitable outreach for Renovation Angel starting in 2016, but the FOCUS Pittsburgh Center will now be able to utilize the donation immediately.

"We offer clothing and food for those in need of both, and we offer it for free," said Dn. Paul Abernathy, the FOCUS Pittsburgh Center Director.

FOCUS Pittsburgh offers employment counseling at their center three days a week, and an 8 week professional development academy to help the unemployed prepare for work. In addition to providing food for hundreds of children every week, including five meals to get through the weekend in their Backpack Feeding Program, the center also offers a free health center to provide primary and behavioral health care for people without health insurance.

"The support of organizations like Renovation Angel enables us to continue to offer these much needed services for free, and by doing so helps us encourage and nurture the community we are honored to serve," said Abernathy.

The $20,000 donation was accepted by Abernathy and FOCUS North America Executive Director, Nicholas Chakos. "The donation today will go directly to service the needs of the FOCUS Pittsburgh Center," said Chakos. He continued, "It's a wonderful concept, this recycling process, when you think about the fact that this donation comes to us because of a kitchen that would have otherwise been thrown out."

Through the luxury kitchen recycling process Renovation Angel has been able to generate $2,000,000 in charitable outreach since 2005, and is dedicated to continuing support for worthwhile charities like FOCUS North America.

If you would like to donate your kitchen and aid us in supporting causes like FOCUS North America, please submit your kitchen using this simple form.


To learn more about the important work FOCUS North America is doing in cities nationwide please visit their website. To donate directly to the FOCUS Pittsburgh Center please click here.





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