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Jun 27, · 2 years
Remodeling? Make Sure You Do These 3 Things to Save Money
POSTED ON Jun 27, 2019 BY Admin GD
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Looking to save money on your upcoming kitchen remodel, but don’t want it to look like you saved a bunch of money? Consider these three luxury-for-less renovation tips.

Time it Right
Clearly it would be easier to schedule major kitchen construction during the summer months when vacations and great weather have you less tied to your indoor stove. But the summer (and fall) are the same time that everyone else wants your contractor, too. Likewise, it’s also when a contractor’s suppliers and labor are most scarce. Instead of scheduling a summer project, consider doing work during low-season – January through May. You’re more likely to get the A#1 contractor you want, save money on their rate and avoid costly shipping and labor delays.

Keep the Same Layout
Like how your current kitchen functions but need an upgrade on the cabinets, appliances and surfaces? Good, since keeping the plumbing and gas lines in the same place will save you big bucks. Cutting into the floor and ceiling to access mechanicals is an expensive endeavor and even moving an appliance a short distance can rack up cost. The more your layout stays the same the more your bank account will, too.

Donate the Old
Instead of demo-ing it to make way for the new, see if your old kitchen is a good candidate for a luxury recycle. Non-profits like Renovation Angel make the process easy — they’ll assess your old kitchen for free and then if it qualifies, they’ll send a professional team to carefully remove it. Renovation Angel will sell your kitchen and use the profits to support one of the many charities they’re involved with in the addiction recovery, at-risk-youth and job training spaces. You get to do good, receive a hefty tax credit for your donation and get all that demo for free. Triple win.


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