Lisa Feldman
May 27, · 2 years
Pete Deane, Our first Responsible Renovator.
POSTED ON May 27, 2019 BY Lisa Feldman
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We’re proud to have Pete Deane as our first Responsible Renovator in our new Ambassador Program. Pete has been recycling kitchens since 2005. To date, he has saved over 200 tons of materials from landfills. Learn about Pete and some of his beautiful work below.

Rooms everlasting.

Since 1961, the Deane family has built a family business creating custom rooms that are carefully designed and meticulously handcrafted to last. They create projects that are both stunning and sustainable, and their accolades prove it. Recently, Pete was awarded the Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards at KBIS in Las Vegas. For over 10 years, Pete has been partnering with Renovation Angel and diverting tons of renovation waste from landfills helping their clients save the Earth and save a ton on removal costs and tax breaks. We’re excited to partner with industry leaders like Pete. Visit online and in person his New Canaan and Stamford, CT showrooms.



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