Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO
Jun 29, · 1 year
Meet the Winners! NKBA / RA 2021 Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards!
POSTED ON Jun 29, 2021 BY Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO
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Meet the Winners!

NKBA / RA 2021 Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards!

Posted by Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO


Meet the winners! Discover the Architects, Designers, and Builder who won at the 2021 NKBA / Renovation Angel Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards.


We are so excited to recognize the “Responsible Renovators” who are helping to save their clients money while saving the planet. There were awards for premier recycled kitchens and incredible repurposed kitchens.


Peter Deane of Deane, Inc. won Most Recycled Kitchens by a Firm, their 2nd year in a row! Our Angel Discretionary Award this year went to Kimball Derrick, one of the early adopters and industry leaders for recycling.


Renovation Angel has recycled 7,800 kitchens since our inception in Greenwich, CT in 2005 – our ultimate goal to recycle the 100,000 luxury kitchens being thrown out in the U.S. every year. Today we highlight our first place winners and the more than honorable mentions that came in second and third.

Join us at KBIS 2022 in Orlando, FL for the 3rd Annual Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards!


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