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Jul 08, · 4 years
Innovation Tips from Kitchen & Bath Design News
POSTED ON Jul 08, 2016 BY Cristina Fard
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Kitchen & Bath Design News is one of the premiere publications in the kitchen and bath industry. They often publish articles from experts in the field, and this week we wanted to share one of our most recent favorites.

Drawers, pull-outs, a multitude of organizational options and the ability to personalize storage solutions allow designers to provide their clients with cabinet interiors that work for the way they live, while maximizing space and accessibility. This week's Kitchen Design feature is from Elizabeth Richard. Read on for a snippet from her insightful article!
As kitchen design trends continue to move toward clean lines and a modern aesthetic, uncontained clutter has no place. Storage solutions and accessories are designed to use every bit of available space to neatly store away the tools needed to keep a kitchen fully stocked and functional.

With open-concept kitchen designs, these interior items become even more essential in creating and maintaining sleek appearances. While in the past, designers focused primarily on exterior elements such as choosing the right pull or knob, and matching the color of the cabinet doors to countertops, they must now rethink the way they are designing to meet the growing demand for multi-functional kitchens and intelligent storage, says Veronique St. Cyr, training and communication coordinator at Richelieu in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Click HERE to read the FULL article on the K&B website now.

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