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Industry Spotlight: Gina Marie Fard
POSTED ON Apr 26, 2017 BY Cristina Fard
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Every month we set aside some time to showcase the amazing talent in our industry with an Industry Spotlight. This week we are proud to present Renovation Angel advocate and internationally acclaimed interior designer Gina Marie Fard.

A Loyal Advocate

"For so many years I've witnessed clients throwing away perfectly good kitchens, baths, and furniture during their renovations," said Gina. "When I heard about the great work Renovation Angel was doing with charities like FOCUS North America, I knew that I had to help them spread the luxury kitchen recycling message."

Gina Marie Fard has become one of our most dedicated Industry Advocates helping us to reach new organizations, designers, and home-owners on the West Coast.  She has referred various projects to us over the years, like the kitchen featured below from Irvine, California.

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More About Gina Marie Fard...

The Beginning 

Gina Marie Fard has worked as an interior designer for over 30 years in the heart of world’s most luxurious capitals. Her and her husband Federico made their start with the legendary “ARTEBELLA” boutique showroom 38 years ago in California. Catering to the tastes of the Beverly Hills elite, Gina made a name for herself as a skilled artist with an eye for detail and quality.

While raising her four children she ventured out to do different things, including various non-profit work and forays into the tech sector. But her passion always remained in turning houses into homes.

She believes that interiors are essential manifestations of our very being. They hold the keys to our passion for cultures, represent our lifestyles, and help us to express our unique personalities. Luxury should be normal. “Everybody should feel like a prince or princess,” she says, “and that means there are no “rules” to design, we create for the individual.” A person, she says, "should become happy and serene when walking into their home or office."


Stimulating the Senses

With great attention to detail and an open mind, Gina goes on innovative journeys with her clients. Giving them the freedom to convey what they want through their interiors: power, vulnerability, joy, intelligence, sensuality... Her mission is to stimulate and enhance the five senses as eyes travel across a room, transforming a client’s needs and wants into creative elegance that can last a lifetime.

In addition to working closely with several artisan houses and manufacturers in Italy, France, and Spain, Gina’s special relationship with industry icon PROVASI also greatly benefits her esteemed clients. Famous for their work with diplomats, celebrities, and sports stars, PROVASI is a world renown 4th generation Italian company that has revolutionized the high-end luxury market. Their furnishings, accessories, and talents are readily available to Gina with the express knowledge that Gina Fard never creates anything less than a masterpiece.

Whether the project is a sleepy understated beach home, a romantic boudoir, or a power-broker office, Gina makes sure to create a comfortable and unique environment. She cherishes the people she works with and that is often why her clients become life-long friends. Her interiors, both representing supreme craftsmanship and timeless elegance, speak to the years of experience, dedication, and passion she brings to each project.


ARTEBELLA and Gina Marie Living

After successful projects in China and the Middle East, Gina decided to move closer to her grandchildren in Orange County, California. While embracing the idea of new adventures she came up with the idea of starting her own store and private label called Gina Marie Living (GML).

Gina Marie Living features an expanded selection of European & American made furniture and accessories in a variety of styles. The collection upholds the high-quality classical standard while integrating the seductive accents and sleek designs of contemporary masterpieces. In addition to her private label items, she also offers a selection of amazing antiques at exceptional prices.
“I only curate pieces and lush textiles that deeply reflect my love, passion, and commitment to the unique & exceptional." - Gina Marie Fard

With idyllic symmetry, Gina and her husband Federico came full circle when they reopened ARTEBELLA at the Laguna Design Center near Laguna Beach in California. ARTEBELLA features over 30 manufacturers in the classical, modern, and transitional styles. Shoppers can find furniture, accessories, lighting, and bedding, as well as luxury gifts to fit every budget.

In addition to showcasing her GML line at ARTEBELLA, Gina also acts as the showroom's Creative Director. Clients can find hints of Gina's personal taste throughout the space, and in the diversity of the lines represented. “It is an honor that so many artisan houses place their trust in me, and I’m so grateful to be presenting such an eclectic curated collection of luxury merchandise,” said Gina Marie.

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