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May 05, · 6 months
Industry Spotlight: Bespoke Private Service
POSTED ON May 05, 2020 BY Cristina Fard
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Renovation Angel is excited to officially welcome Bespoke Private Service as one of our industry partners. Thanks to advocates like you Renovation Angel's luxury recycling message continues to grow nationwide. BPS specializes in staffing family offices and domestic estates with chief-of-staff, estate managers, house managers, personal & executive assistants, private chef, and other management roles.

BPS provides the same high-touch staffing for the luxury residential general contractors, interior designers, and architects. The BPS team staffs for project managers, site superintendents, project engineers, office managers, designers, and junior architects. What differentiates their placement services from other recruiters is that they focus highly on the culture fit, and only take on clients where they can build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship.

About Bespoke Private Service (BPS)

Bespoke Private Service (BPS) is a modern domestic estate consulting and domestic staff placement company for those who want access to professional, private service staff.

Christopher West, founder of Bespoke Private Service (BPS), is a diligent and experienced member of the Private Service community with an enduring passion for the work that he does. With experience in some of the most demanding positions in his field, Christopher has proven again and again that he has the unique combination of talent, intuition, and compassion that it takes to excel across a range of industries. He has experience working as a private chef, a majordomo of a large estate, operations manager for a family foundation, and as the Founder/CEO of BPS for the past 5-years.

Why Bespoke?

"We understand what excellence means for each step in a process and pride ourselves in sourcing and supporting great people to fill each role with quality, sincerity, and discretion," said West. By designing personalized programs that leverage high-quality private service professionals, vendors, and networks, Bespoke provides clients with a complete couture service experience.

From start to finish, Bespoke believes that private service should make client’s lives simpler; and therefore their goal is to find staff solutions for their clients so that they have more time to dedicate to the things that really matter. "Simply put, we give clients their time back."

BPS is founded on the philosophy that private service should be reliable, on demand, and cost effective. A San Francisco-based company with an East Coast work ethic, BPS is uniquely qualified to help clients address their pain points with sustainable solutions.

In the Bay Area, Contact Christopher West to start your project:

Christopher A. West

Industry Partner

Mobile: 914-497-9096

Why Renovation Angel?

"RA is an incredible program that my clients appreciate. The white glove removal is efficient and discreet; a service that truly sets them apart in the Private Service Industry. Advocating for Renovation Angel just makes sense when you consider the millions of pounds of home renovation items that get recycled and repurposed every year due to their efforts. Clients who choose to donate get free white-glove removal, huge tax savings, and the planet sees less waste in the landfills. Win-win!"  - Christopher West

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