Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO
Jul 13, · 1 year
Giving New Life to Kitchens . . . Iconic Life Podcast
POSTED ON Jul 13, 2021 BY Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO
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L to R: Renee Dee, Iconic Life, Josh Mayhew, Miele, Steve Feldman, Renovation Angel


Giving New Life to Kitchens . . . Iconic Life Podcast

with Renee Dee, Publisher of Iconic Life & Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO of Renovation Angel


Giving New Life to Kitchens: Renovation Angel Recycles Luxury


Iconic Life Publisher, Renee Dee, interviews Steve Feldman, Founder & CEO of Renovation Angel at the Miele Experience Center in Scottsdale, AZ.


Hear about the future vision for Renovation Angel and Miele, our “Recycle & Rebate” partner on the Iconic Life podcast, ICONIC HOUR.


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About Iconic Life –

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About Renovation Angel 

Renovation Angel is America’s premier recycler of luxury pre-owned kitchens and renovation items. We have created a circular life cycle for kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, and other renovation items that benefits everyone, including the earth. Luxury interiors headed for the landfill are recycled by Renovation Angel’s white-glove preservation team and sold again at a huge discount to achieve the charitable mission of Reduce – Recycle – Repurpose.

About Miele –

Miele is the global leader in luxury and sustainable appliances. In 2020, Miele introduced the “Recycle and Rebate” program with Renovation Angel. Consumers who recycled their qualified luxury kitchens with Renovation Angel received a 10% discount on any Miele appliance purchased.


Protecting people and the environment and doing business responsibly for generations to come. That’s what sustainability means to Miele. More specifically, Miele wants to ensure energy efficiency and resource conservation with our products and production processes, and also to take responsibility for Miele’s employees and company. Miele holds the German Sustainability Award, is a member of the UN Global Compact sustainability initiative, and is a signatory of the “Diversity Charter”.


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