Cristina Fard
Jun 02, · 1 year
Get Featured on Renovation Angel
POSTED ON Jun 02, 2020 BY Cristina Fard

The world has changed in many ways since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at Renovation Angel we know that so many people have been affected in a variety of ways, and we want to help!

Starting this month, June 2020, we have asked our marketing and communications agency Maddox Richmond to provide complimentary features to our design/build industry advocates. These features will continue throughout the summer and into the fall.

We hope that in doing so we can help, in some small way, as we all work together to rebuild our vibrant community.

The renovation, design and build industry is full of amazing people working hard to safely reopen all across this nation. Let's share those stories!

Our team will work with you to create and schedule a feature that will be published on all of our marketing channels: blog, social media, and email.

If you are an industry advocate or partner, or simply somebody in the design/build community that would like to be featured, email to connect directly with Cristina Fard.


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