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Jul 21, · 1 year
From Scottsdale to Beverly Hills, LA to San Fran, Renovation Angel is Nationwide
POSTED ON Jul 21, 2021 BY Michael Foti, COO
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From Scottsdale to Beverly Hills, LA to San Fran, Renovation Angel is Nationwide

By Michael Foti, Chief Operating Officer - Renovation Angel



What a week of travel Steve and I had together to the West Coast. I knew it was bound for success, kicking off with Italy winning the 2020 Euro Cup!


The Miele Experience Center in Scottsdale is huge and the whole area is reminiscent of Naples (FL), albeit a desert version. We had previously hosted an Iconic Life Podcast there with Renee Dee so the space was familiar and the team as friendly and engaged as ever. No trip to Scottsdale is complete without a round of golf so we made sure to get an early one in before the temperature hits 100.

A genuine fan of German engineering I had to upgrade us for $55 to the Porsche Cayenne – it was just sitting there freshly washed collecting dust when we touched down in SoCal. 


Speaking of German engineering, what’s so rewarding for me and our partnership with Miele beyond:

  1. Recycling qualified luxury kitchens
  2. Saving clients’ on their taxes and free, white-glove removal
  3. Offering a 10% instant rebate on new Miele appliances through an authorized dealer

…is to work with all the incredible people I’ve established great relationships with, to recycle more kitchens and sell more Miele. This trip was a combination of great dinners (Ospero, Zuni Café, Palette), even better dealer meetings, and a tour of Miele’s owned California retail – Beverly Hills and San Francisco.

I came away from the trip energized, ready to capture strategic growth on the back of 9 years of organic, which has turned incredible projects from Malibu to Ross. In a lot of ways California already captures the essence of luxury kitchen recycling. Culturally, recycling and repurposing is not only smart, it’s practically a necessity. Thing is, before Renovation Angel no one has had the solution. We do, and alongside our partners at Miele and their dealer partners, all stand to win big by utilizing a turn-key sustainability program that’s increasing customer budgets, retention, closing sales and soliciting referrals.


For more information and to submit your kitchen project visit: https://renovationangel.com/miele

L to R: Michael Foti-COO RA, Evelyn Merino-Miele, Steve Feldman-CEO RA, Sherri Haslam-Miele, Anna Vutech-Miele

We’re saving the planet while saving peoples’ money and having a good bit of fun while doing it.


Renovation Angel, Renovate Responsibly.




Michael Foti

Chief Operating Officer

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