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Aug 03, · 1 year
Business of Home features Good Future Design Alliance - Renovation Angel Partnership
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Renovation Angel was recently featured in Business of Home’s latest article “Can a new organization make a dent in the design industry’s waste problem?”

The question at hand seems overwhelming and nearly impossible, alone. That is why creating partnerships is key when it comes to making more than just a dent in today's waste problem. With the help of Katie Storey and the GFDA,  Renovation Angel will support facilitating sustainability within the design industry.  As mentioned in the article, the blueprint to reducing waste and making an impact is the concept of the three R’s: “reduce, reuse, recycle.” At Renovation Angel we are always finding new ways to implement this, now keeping over 7,800 kitchens from the landfill with no sign of slowing down.  

“The GFDA has also partnered with a number of organizations across the country to help designers with reuse and recycling, including Renovation Angel, a Fairfield, New Jersey–based nonprofit that recycles and resells luxury kitchens. Before a kitchen is remodeled, the company assesses the quality of the cabinets, counters, and appliances, then carefully dismantles the entire room before reselling it either as a complete set or as individual elements….”

Read the full article in Business of Home


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