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Jun 02, · 4 months
Appliance Industry - Inside Track into Luxury Kitchen Recycling
POSTED ON Jun 02, 2021 BY Michael Foti, COO
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Appliance Industry - Inside Track into Luxury Kitchen Recycling

Michael Foti, Chief Operating Officer, Renovation Angel

(Former Regional Sales Manager, Miele USA)


Starting right now the independent appliance dealer in this country has the inside track to a wealth of benefits luxury kitchen recycling provides. This key retailer of the appliance industry is the expert resource for homeowners, representing a litany of brands and an ever-evolving product mix. They play a crucial role in a project’s build-out and Renovation Angel serves them in two powerful ways:

1. Luxury Kitchen Recycling


A renovating homeowner can save $10K to $50K on their renovation through a significant tax deduction (facilitated by an IRS audit level appraisal) and free white-glove removal.


The chance for the appliance dealer to present these savings to their client offers a sales tool like no other. There is no discount, rebate, deal-because-you-know-a-guy that’s capable of saving this amount of money. The retailer now has the ability to dramatically change a customer’s budget and virtually ensures their loyalty.


I commend my former employer and global luxury appliance leader Miele for bringing this to dealers nationwide through the innovative Recycle & Rebate Program. This exciting offering marries the savings from donating an outgoing kitchen with an instant rebate on a dream suite of appliances.


AJ Madison, the industry’s leading e-commerce retailer and titan in the NY/DC metro markets, recognizes the impact kitchen recycling has on both a client’s budget as well as the planet and is the first national appliance retailer partnering with Renovation Angel to offer it.


2. Luxury Outlet for displays, open box inventory, and discontinued products.


Renovation Angel is the luxury outlet partner to the industry's retailers, generating revenue fast, helping to clear warehouse space, and turning product that all too often gets devalued, is difficult to move, or becomes an after-sale headache. We can open up a store’s valuable retail space for them to display and specify manufacturers’ latest and greatest product. We pick-up, have the ability to carefully uninstall displays, sell-off and get you paid.


Together we will transform an inherently wasteful industry into one that is evermore sustainable. See how to build luxury kitchen recycling into your best practices and reap rewards for your business, your clients, and the place we call home.


To learn more about Luxury Kitchen Recycling and Selling, contact:

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Renovation Angel

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