From the Organic to the Strategic – Welcoming Jennifer Padovani

Renovation Angel is proud to announce the newest addition of our growing team: Jennifer Padovani! Jennifer comes to us with a background in finance from Wall Street, and will be taking on the role of Chief Marketing Officer. Welcome Jennifer! 

Finance Background 

Renovation Angel Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Jennifer Padovani

Jennifer is a senior recruiter in the financial services industry. Prior to joining the famed financial services firm DMC Partners, she spent 2.5 years as a Managing Director at Bay Street Advisors. Having worked in the industry for over twenty years, she has extensive relationships with top tier investment banks, hedge funds, and various alternative platforms.

Before joining BSA, Jennifer spent nearly her entire career at Goldman Sachs. She began at GS in 1995 as a member of the Investment Banking group. She joined the Equity Derivatives team in 1997 and was responsible for managing the hedge fund effort until 2007. Jennifer finished her last eight years at GS as a Senior RM for the firm’s most important relationships. 

Jennifer was named Managing Director in 2005 and retired from Goldman Sachs in 2015. Subsequent to leaving Goldman, Jennifer partnered with Sage Search Advisors and had a successful first year in the executive recruiting industry fulfilling several mandates for both buy-side and sell-side clients.

From Donor to Advocate 

Jennifer remembers she first heard a bit about Renovation Angel while at a dinner party in Palm Beach, Florida. “I first heard about Renovation Angel’s luxury recycling program at a dinner party in Palm Beach, but it wasn’t until I spoke to Susan Maounis that everything clicked,” she said. Having donated before, Susan Maounis has been a long time friend and advocate for Renovation Angel. She encouraged Jennifer to use our service for her own renovation project.

Jennifer recycled a beautiful custom kitchen with Miele, Sub-Zero, and Wolf appliances and marble countertops in February 2020 from her Greenwich, CT home.

Padovani Renovation February 2020

In June 2020, at the beginning of an extensive renovation at her new home in Wellington, FL  Renovation Angel also reclaimed this stunning single vanity during a removal trip to Southern Florida.

Padovani Vanity June 2020

Jennifer had such a great experience working with Renovation Angel that she has already committed to donating ANOTHER kitchen from her planned 2021 renovation in Wellington, FL. Her extensive renovation would have seen a like-new 2017 luxury kitchen thrown into the dumpster. Now with Renovation Angel this beautiful kitchen will be recycled and repurposed for somebody else to enjoy.

Padovani Planned 2021 Removal

When our founder Steve Feldman heard that Jennifer wanted to get involved in spreading the luxury recycling message, he immediately saw the benefit in adding her to the team.

“Jennifer gets what we do. She not only used our donation services herself, she also sees the benefit for shoppers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford these luxury kitchens, baths, appliances, etc.,” said Feldman.

That sentiment is one Jennifer echoes. “I love that Renovation Angel makes things equitable. It’s good for the earth, it’s great for homeowners, and it’s fantastic for shoppers who want to enjoy luxury bargains at 40-80% off list price. You can’t go wrong.”

The Next Phase 

Moving forward Jennifer plans to bring her unique network and experience to the Renovation Angel marketing plan. Going forward in 2020 and beyond, her vision is to expand the Renovation Angel’s reach nationwide.

“Renovation Angel does amazing work nationally, and yet so many people are still unaware that the service even exists, ” said Padovani. “My goal is in 2020 is to make Renovation Angel a household name. We will connect with our industry partners in real estate, finance, interior design, and construction in every major target area – from California to NYC.”

Planning for those initiatives has already begun. Our new COO Michael Foti, President Steve Feldman, and newly appointed CMO Jennifer Padovani, have been organizing the launch of our new e-commerce website while reviewing their post-COVID strategies.

“We are thrilled that Jennifer wanted to join our team. She believes in the mission, and is genuinely an advocate for the process. That energy is priceless and exactly what Renovation Angel needs to realize our expansion dreams in 2021,” said Renovation Angel President Steve Feldman.

Padovani’s participation at the CMO level signals a definitive switch from organic to strategic outreach. “Renovation Angel will always rely on, and humbly welcome, organic grassroots efforts to get the word out about our services. However, in these complicated times it’s even more important to focus on targeted strategic communication. This is what we will be focused on going forward,” said Padovani.

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