William C. Huff and Renovation Angel to Help Baby Boomers Downsize

Fairfield, NJ – William C. Huff Companies, the leading provider of moving, storage, data and logistics, are revolutionizing how baby boomers downsize their lives. It was announced today they have entered into an agreement with Renovation Angel to provide a collaborative solution to serve 80 million homeowners a simple, easy way to redistribute over $20 trillion in household items over the next 20 years.

Families of all sizes are burdened by manual processes tied to moving, packing, and disposing of items across multiple properties. Downsizing is not only time-consuming; it also can be a major contributor to landfills and impact our CO2 emissions. Together, the two companies crafted Downsizing Help, a scalable solution to help families of all sizes to downsize with a focus on making downsizing easy, while responsibly recycling unwanted household items, benefiting community organizations and realizing a tax saving of $3700 per $10,000 of donated items per family.

“As large estates are bought, many new homeowners choose to discard everything in the home and renovate the home to meet new styles and designs, often sending ‘like new’ cabinets and appliances to landfills. Also, when homeowners downsize they often need to rid themselves of the contents of the entire home which are no longer needed or wanted because they are moving into retirement communities where their new homes come fully furnished” said Jim Henderson, owner of William C. Huff Companies.

“By combining William C. Huff Companies’ solutions with Renovation Angel’s proven concept of using donations as tax incentives for unwanted items, together we enable non-profits the opportunity to get needed funds while at the same time, people can purchase those unwanted items for a fraction of their value. Providing logistics with low emission vehicles and storing items to be repurposed in a sustainable, solar powered warehouse, hundreds of thousands of pounds of CO2 are cut from our environmental footprint each year. Everyone can also feel great about saving CO2 from entering the atmosphere by utilizing our Downsizing Help. It’s a win for everyone!”

“Renovation Angel is excited to introduce William C. Huff Companies to our customers” said Steve Feldman, CEO of Renovation Angel. “Both Renovation Angel and William C. Huff Companies are dedicated to serving families, nonprofits and the community by protecting our environment for future generations. That commitment combined with William C. Huff Companies’ high level of customer service and proven results, make this a natural addition to our already robust offerings. We believe by partnering with William C. Huff Companies to provide Downsizing Help, we can transform how families of all sizes sustainably and responsibly downsize.”

About Renovation Angel

Renovation Angel is North America’s premier donation program for luxury kitchens, home furnishings, and other high-end renovation items. Renovation Angel is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is protecting the earth, creating new recycling jobs, and helping those in need. Established in 2005 in Greenwich, CT, Renovation Angel offers a significant tax deduction, free white-glove insured removal/pack/transport, and no disposal costs. Renovation Angel has recycled thousands of donations from high-net worth property owners including members of the Forbes 400, sports, and entertainment families. www.renovationangel.com.

About William C. Huff Companies

William C. Huff Companies has moved and stored prized antiques, family heirlooms, fragile and delicate art for over a century. What started out in 1908 as a small local moving company in rural Dover, New Hampshire has evolved into a business with locations in Barrington, NH and Naples, FL which provides concierge logistics support for families of all sizes, high net worth and ultra-high net worth estate owners. William C. Huff Companies has a commitment to the environment by utilizing low emission vehicles, recycling and reusing materials, using solar energy while providing exceptional service with its highly tenured and trained staff. www.williamchuff.com

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