Renovation Angel on “George to the Rescue” for a Very Special Home Renovation

Renovation Angel advocate George Oliphant, contractor and tv host, invited Renovation Angel to participate in NBC’s home renovation series “George to the Rescue” recently. The award-winning show features top interior designers and contractors teaming up to help deserving families and communities with much needed home renovations. Renovation Angel was honored to play a small part in George’s mission to highlight how people are overcoming everyday challenges and inspiring people with their stories. 

Renovation for Child With Rare Genetic Condition & Mom Battling Breast Cancer

The Hyman family knows what it’s like to live with uncertainty. Their 5-year-old daughter, Cameron Hyman, suffers from a rare and potentially life threatening genetic condition called Sanfilippo syndrome. Six days after the doctors confirm her condition, Cameron’s mom Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer. This fighting family is in need of ways to make their home safer for their daughter. In the video below you’ll see them surprised with a much deserved living room renovation thanks to George Oliphant and the George to the Rescue team. 

Recycling with Renovation Angel 

Renovation Angel accepted these beautiful built-in cabinets as part of our recycling program. The Hyman family received free same day removal, a service we provide to all our donors, and the knowledge that these items wouldn’t go to already over-crowded landfills. Instead they would be repurposed in another home, and a portion of the proceeds for their sale would go to charity. Learn more about Responsible Renovation to understand the Renovation Angel recycling mission.

Hyman family built-in cabinet donation.

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