Donate or Sell Your Surplus Inventory

We know these are difficult times, but as an industry we can continue to support one another even in this uncertain climate. We are calling all manufacturers, distributors, and showrooms to let them know we can help sell their surplus inventory.  

Sell or Donate 

The beauty of our Renovation Angel model has always been in our dynamic approach to sourcing inventory. Companies can choose to sell their surplus inventory to us, or they can choose to donate in exchange for significant tax savings. Perhaps most importantly, if you donate Renovation Angel will also send a portion of the proceeds to a charity of your choice!  

Our Charity Partner 

If you don’t have a charity you prefer, we will donate to our charity partner of many years, Focus North America, who are doing tremendous things for those most at risk during the Covid-19 crisis. With programs in cities across the nation, FOCUS is activating it’s network to tackle poverty, food insecurity, health care, and so much more.   

Accepted Inventory 

Renovation Angel accepts inventory in the following conditions: 

  • Showroom Displays 
  • Open Box
  • Discontinued
  • New-in-Box

Renovation Angel accepts inventory in the following categories: 

  • Kitchens (Cabinets, countertops, islands, etc.) 
  • Appliances (Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc.) 
  • Bathrooms & Bath Fixtures (tubs, toilets, cabinets, faucets, etc.) 
  • Lighting 
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Home Decor 
  • Outdoor Furniture 

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