Renovation Angel Makes Virtual Kitchen Recycling Possible Nationwide

For over a decade Renovation Angel’s Virtual Recycling program has supported a variety of luxury home recycling and renovation projects nationwide.

The Virtual Recycling program allows renovators to enjoy 10k to 50k in tax savings and free white glove removal when they recycle with Renovation Angel. For showrooms, we sell your displays and surplus inventory to our base of nationwide customers.

How Does Your Donation Help?

While donors receive significant savings, they also help to promote eco-friendly sustainable renovation and up-cycling design projects. Recycling luxury kitchens, bath fixtures, home furnishings, and Architectural elements diverts millions of pounds from landfills resulting in less waste for our planet. 

Additionally, the white-glove removal, transportation, and resale of these items creates numerous construction, logistics, and retail jobs as these items are pre-pared for re-purposing.

Proceeds earned from selling recycled luxury creates support for innovative and life-changing outreach programs in the areas of: youth-at-risk, addiction recovery, job creation, and social entrepreneurship. (Read about our amazing charity partner FOCUS North America’s response to COVID-19 here.)

How to get started? 

To schedule your Virtual Recycling project, contact Mary Mendez, Director of New Projects.

Mary’s direct line: 973-461-2339 | Email:

We look forward to your next “responsible renovation!”


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