FOCUS Provides Safety and Support During COVID-19

FOCUS North America Charity Crisis Response to COVID-19

Since our inception Renovation Angel has maintained a dedication to building strong relationships with our charity partners. We’ve supported many worthwhile charities over the years, but one charity in particular, FOCUS North America, stands out as a true inspiration for civic service in this uncertain time. 

We wanted to share what FOCUS is doing in response to the COVID-19 crisis. In times like this it’s good to focus on the positive, and honor our heroes! We’re proud that most of our charity efforts in recent years have gone directly to support FOCUS programs, and the wonderful services they provide. 


FOCUS is addressing the COVID-19 problem head on, especially in regards to health and safety precautions. “Each of FOCUS’s Programs and Centers remain in communication with local health, social, and education officials,” said FOCUS’s Executive Director Kenneth D. Kidd. “While we may have to adjust some of our methods, we intend to continue to serve the food, clothing, shelter, and fellowship needs in each of our communities.” 

FOCUS plans to keep all of their programs available for as long as possible, even as the number of those “in need” greatly increases. While investigating how they can increase capacity to meet this moment, the FOCUS team is adamant about providing a safe environment for all involved. “The safety and care of those we serve, our volunteers, and staff, is our first priority. If you are someone who regularly interacts with FOCUS Programs, we appreciate your patience as you may experience shifts in schedules and routines,” said Executive Director Kidd.  

Programs Available Now

SUPPORT OUR YOUTH: Participate in Youth Equipped to Serve‘s online events posted here

SAFELY PROVIDE FOOD: Get on the schedule to prepare takeaway meals for the community at St. Herman House – FOCUS Cleveland
– Donate food items (pantry and takeaway meals) for visitors at FOCUS – Minnesota
– Deliver meals to children in need with FOCUS Detroit by volunteering as a delivery driver!
– Join FOCUS Orange County volunteers at the OC Food Bank
– Volunteer with FOCUS North America – San Diego for their Wednesday night dinners at God’s Extended Hand
– Help FOCUS Gateway City distribute takeaway meals to the community in St. Louis!

MOBILIZE THE HEALTHY: Work with our National Program Manager John Thomas Moxen to coordinate awareness and support programs in your area


Visit their Facebook to learn more about how you can support FOCUS programs and centers in cities nationwide.

For their latest COVID-19 response efforts click HERE.

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