An Evening with SilverLining in NYC

Renovation Angel was thrilled to be a co-sponsor of the SilverLining Fall Party on October 4th, 2018. The event brought together 200 friends and colleagues at The Museum of the City of New York for a special look at  “Elegance in the Sky: The Architecture of Rosario Candela.”  In addition to the inspiring surroundings, guests had the pleasure of enjoying rare behind-the scenes tours of the museum’s Collections Area, which is not open to the general public.

Other Co-Sponsors Included:

  • Apollo Electric
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Dinesen
  • e-home
  • JVA Industries
  • Orsman Design
  • Royal Green Appliance


Co-sponsors Robert Hoshyla of Orsman Design and Steve Feldman of Renovation Angel.

About SilverLining

SilverLining is a Manhattan-based firm known for working with some of New York’s most discerning clients. They specialize in high-end luxury renovations and additions, and have been the “go-to” resource for Manhattan’s most talented designers and architects. Over the past 30 years, SilverLining has completed more than 3,000 residential projects. SilverLining dedicates itself to realizing the creative vision of each client and their design team.

In an industry that often has its share of horror stories, SilverLining has earned a reputation for consistency, timeliness, and exceptional quality. “Our goal is to make any project we are working on an enjoyable experience for all involved,” said Josh Wiener, SilverLining’s President and Founder.

SilverLining prides itself on ensuring that every single project has the same level of impeccable quality, is delivered in a timely manner and has long lasting results. That is why in addition to working with the most skilled craftsmen across trades, the firm also has three in-house trade divisions. To learn more about SilverLining visit our Industry Spotlight on them by clicking HERE.


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