Industry Spotlight: Martin Patrick Evan

Several years ago our Industry Advocate interior designer Gina Fard introduced Renovation Angel to the amazingly talented John Dolan of Martin Patrick Evan (MPE). He quickly became one of our first design industry advocates in Los Angeles and a massive force for spreading our luxury recycling message. We would like to introduce you to the beautiful work of MPE as this week’s Industry Spotlight!

A Leader in Custom Rug Creation

Martin Patrick Evan (MPE) started as a single store operation in 1997 in the bustling city of Chicago. Since then it has grown into a national presence with locations in New York City, Houston, Chicago, and Los Angeles, cementing itself as one of the finest artisan resources for luxury custom rugs and carpets in the United States.


Their Los Angeles studio was opened by Co-Owner and CEO John Dolan in 2002. With products made in Asia, India, Turkey, Egypt, etc., their global network of artisan craftsmen is unparalleled. As such, they are one of the few independent designers who specialize in the creation of custom rugs and carpets. Using exclusive weaves and dye houses in a global network, Martin Patrick Evan isn’t just a showroom with a set catalog of inventory, they are designers of unique woven treasures.

Internationally Acclaimed

Martin Patrick Evan’s founders bring you more than four decades of accumulated expertise in the industry. With thousands of projects on the floor, their track record with high-end custom rugs and carpets is extensive and equal to none. 

Their rugs and carpets are available in a rare abundance of constructions and weaving techniques including hand-tufted, machine-tufted, hand-knotted wovens, needlepoints and leather rugs. “We make it possible to have a cohesive and unified design feeling throughout the various areas of your project while using completely different types of weaves and textures, all from the same custom house,” said Co-Owner & CEO John Dolan.  

Luxurious materials range from the traditional worsted wool and lustrous silk to exciting fibers such as linen, cashmere, mohair, leather and chenille. You can see a sample of their work below.


A Renovation Angel

“Renovation Angel is a wonderful organization that benefits so many, because it’s not just for the homeowner who receives a remarkable tax deduction, or the person in need who receives support from their charitable outreach, ” said John Dolan. “Renovation Angel’s eco-friendly process diverts millions of pounds of waste from landfills making Renovation Angel’s efforts felt on a global scale.”

Thank you to John and the team at Martin Patrick Evan for the kind words! We hope to always do great work that encourages the kind of loyalty and support you and our other Industry Advocates continue to give us every year.

For more information about Martin Patrick Evan (MPE) visit their website HERE.  Or contact John Dolan to schedule a presentation.

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