Industry Spotlight: SilverLining Inc.

Our team at Renovation Angel can’t possibly thank our Industry Advocates enough for what they do on a grassroots level. Thank you for helping us share the luxury kitchen and home decor recycling message nationwide! In that mindset of gratitude we want to revisit our Industry Spotlight series with a profile on one of our favorites: SilverLining Inc.

Silver Linings Playbook

SilverLining is a Manhattan-based firm known for working with some of New York’s most discerning clients. They specialize in high-end luxury renovations and additions, and have been the “go-to” resource for Manhattan’s most talented designers and architects. Over the past 30 years, SilverLining has completed more than 3,000 exceptional homes. SilverLining dedicates itself to realizing the creative vision of each client and their design team.

In an industry that often has its share of horror stories, SilverLining has earned a reputation for consistency, timeliness, and exceptional quality. “Our goal is to make any project we are working on an enjoyable experience for all involved,” said Josh Wiener, SilverLining’s President and Founder.

Dedication to Excellence

SilverLining prides itself on ensuring that every single project has the same level of impeccable quality, is delivered in a timely manner and has long lasting results. They are general contractors + construction management experts, and they know the key to success can be found in the little details.  That is why in addition to working with the most skilled craftsmen across trades, the firm also has three in-house trade divisions:

In-House Millwork + Cabinet Shop

In addition to working with talented millwork shops worldwide, SilverLining also employs the finest woodworkers and finishers in New York at its 14,000-square-foot custom millwork and cabinet shop. This skilled and highly organized team specializes in staining, veneer and lacquer work and oversees every facet of woodworking, restoration, finishing and installation.

In-House Carpentry + Framing

Rather than subcontract all carpentry and framing, SilverLining is capable of doing much of this work in house. Our strategy is that Master craftsman / General superintendents oversee all SilverLining carpenters and our highly-trained field supers. Over the years the firm has standardized its carpentry and framing processes, ensuring that every single SilverLining project has the the same level of impeccable quality and long lasting results.

In-House Painting + Finishing

For SilverLining, the finishes are just as important as the infrastructure. That is why in addition to collaborating with a wide range of finish subcontractors, the firm maintains an in-house plastering, painting, and finishing division. It offers expertly executed plastering and painting work as well as complex, exotic texture finishes including decorative glazing, murals, rare metal leafing, tinted plaster, and stucco Veneziano.

The SilverLining Difference

“Each prospective project is evaluated carefully. We review with you and your design team the best contract strategies for your project. We also work closely with your team to develop the best ways in which to build your project, maximize efficiency to stay on schedule, and then choose sub-contractors that will fit with your goals. Proper planning gets the project on the right path from the start.”

– Joel Arencibia, Partner & Director of Operations

SilverLining also offers a dedicated service department. This department works seamlessly with the initial project team to coordinate the punch list at the completion of each project. Each project comes with a one-year warranty, which the Service Department manages. In addition, this department offers clients ongoing maintenance contracts, service inspections, and if needed, emergency repairs. Their commitment to detail is evident in the procedures they put into daily practice.

About the Team

Josh Wiener, President & Founder

Born and raised in New York City, Josh Wiener’s education in skilled workmanship began when he helped his father renovate his family’s brownstone, which was built in 1864. Josh capitalized on this experience later when he worked his way through college by painting and remodeling Manhattan apartments and townhouses. Meticulous about every detail and always aiming for perfection, it was not long before he had to hire more people to keep up with the demand for his quality finishing work. By 1987, shortly after graduating from Vassar College, Josh had founded the company.

Joel Arencibia, Partner and Director of Operations

Joel graduated from Tufts University with a BA in Philosophy and Art History before receiving his MS from NYU in Real Estate Development. Joel joined SilverLining 15 years ago and has worked in high-end residential construction for 20 years. Joel has extensive experience in all aspects of project management, from design and planning to execution.

SilverLining is a cohesive, organized, and high-performing company due the partners’ management style, deep knowledge of building and vision of excellence. SilverLining flourishes because of the skill and dedication of the many people who share Josh and Joel’s vision and the loyal and wonderful clients who desire the best. Their upcoming projects include: 4 new residences at 432 Park Ave., the new 100 story Raphael Vinoly / Harry B. Macklowe building in Midtown Manhattan.

Renovation Angels

“We love working with Renovated Angel. They are efficient, professional and courteous. We work in high end buildings and they understand how careful and respectful you need to be.”

– Josh Wiener, President & Founder of SilverLining Inc.

Renovation Angel project in Manhattan referred to us by SilverLining.

For more information about SilverLining Inc. contact: or


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